Under 7 (2011)

  Head Coach:  Alan Bruce
  Assistant Coaches: Scott Bruce
    Marc Grant
    John Wood
    Craig Nicholson 
    Stewart Dunn 
    Tam Jamieson 
  Training Contact: Alan Bruce - 07761212393
  League: ERSDA 

Current Players

No.2 Chris Dunn
No.3 Harry Anderson
No.4 Zak Gray
No.5 Evan Nicholson
No.6 Kayla Graham
No.7 Lewis Moore
No.8 Millie Clark
No.9 Innes Hanlan
No.10 Max Moffat  
No.11 Oliver Nicklin
No.12 Stewart Henderson  
No.13 Corey McConville  
No.14 Steven Conway  
No.15 Euan Smith  
No.16 Liam McGee   
No.17 Alfie Starritt
No.18 Leo Gregory  
No.19 Callum Walker  
No.20 Paddy Paterson  
No.21 Pacey Ruddock  
No.22 Alfie Devine  
No.23 Sean Jamieson  
No.24 Mikey Brown  
No.25 Chris Reilly
No.26 Kyle Watt  
No.27 Rory McCann  
No.28 Robbie Kennedy  
No.29 Zakk Brown  
No.30 Jack Stevenson  
No.31 Blake Sommerville   
No.32 Charlie Robertson   
No.33 Noah Wilson   
No.34 Iggy Bazie   

Goal Scorers


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